Julian Jagtenberg

ENTREPRENEUR / mentor / Public Speaker

Being a tech entrepreneur I want to bring the world valueable creations that improve the quality of life on planet earth for people, animals and the environment.

Marketing & innovation for social Impact

I always wanted to become an inventor when I grew up. However, I found that just inventing stuff won’t change the world. You need to be able to bring those innovations to the end-user. That’s why I made marketing & innovation my secret sauce for massive impact.

My life

“I, Julian Jagtenberg, make the most out of the time I have on planet earth, improving myself every day, exploring and discovering life till its maximum, I want to do the things I love and eventually really mean something to a big group of people.”

My Core Values:

Love, Health, Growth, Adventure, Contribution

Public Speaking

Want me to speak at your event? My talks are about the future of healthcare, robotics and growth.

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Growth Consult

Eager to get more traffic to your website that convert in paying customers? I can help you grow your business.

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Startup Mentoring

Want me to advise you on your entrepreneurial journey? I offer a free 30 minute introduction call.

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Founder Book Club

Every month I host a book club for founders to increase our knowledge which we can leverage in our execution.

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Podcast: Open Deur

Once a month I come together with my friend Ruben Hoekstra to talk about topics that we care about.

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Personal Blog

Writing is therapy… that you then publish for the world to learn from. Hence my blogs about a variety of topics.

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