The Danger of AI

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Every big (tech) conference has it, nowadays. A cocktail mix of the buzzwords: Blockchain, artificial intelligence, 5G, deep/machine learning, robotics and a pinch of sustainable innovation. Arghhh. What’s beyond the hype?

In reality, I believe that AI is solely written in powerpoint or .ppt(x) format. You see it a lot in keynotes, but almost never in consumer products today. Of course, deep learning and machine learning are real and implemented today through languages like Python.

But true, AI is often a marketing trick for companies to make their product appear high-tech and increase their valuation by 30%! It’s like investors are crazy over this stuff. Whereas in reality, AI-enabled products are still a bunch of if-statements packed together.

This article is not about why we should avoid AI and stop it at all means. Quite the opposite actually. I believe that by talking about the real dangers and opportunities new technologies bring we can be more conscious about the implementation of it.

I remember my first dynamics class in unthe iversity where they would swing a pendulum from side to side. At first, it appears to be quite predictable. A mathematical model can be described to explain the behaviour of the pendulum. However, the moment we apply a single hinge and a second lever. What happens is total. Chaos. Chaos = something that is not predictable. We are not able to model it or approach it with a mathematical model, it is too complex too understand. And this is just 1 extra hinge added to the system! Image, in code, that there are tons of these additional parameters.

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