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Tribe of Mentors

Being inspired by the books of Tim Ferris and Ryan Holiday I thought it was time for me to collect my own tribe of mentors in order to grow as a person and as a human being. On different levels: health, wealth, personal development, business and design.

Mentors come in many forms. The key is identifying those people from whom you can learn, and to ask them to share their wisdom with you.

The point is this: I’ll learn more from a mentor directly than you ever will from books.

That’s why I am searching planet earth for the most brilliant minds to brainstorm with for an hour. Paid or unpaid.

I ask you for a favor to recommend me people I should talk to based on the profiles I define below.

The Mentors I’m Looking for

Health Coach

The four pillars:

  1. Sleep
  2. Nutrition
  3. Excercise
  4. Mental Health
     I need help regarding nutrition and excercise. Who can be my trainer / coach when it comes to excercise and nutrition?

Business Coach

An experienced (serial) entrepreneur in the space of hardware. Familiar with product development and marketing to bring products to the market that have social impact.

Wealth Coach

Someone to teach me how to save, protect and make money.  Towards my goal to become financial independent.

Personal Development

Someone that is able to:

Help me determine core values
Determine the ultimate day
Develop habits
Identify productivity hacks 




Give me a tip

If you know someone I should talk to that fits the above criteria, please let me know in the form below. All tips are highly appreciated.

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Julian Jagtenberg is founder of Somnox a startup that focusses on improving global wellbeing using soft robotic technology.

His is mission is to change life on planet earth as we know it in a postive way.




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